We've designed this course for early-stage founders. Inside you'll have access to:

  • The importance of goal setting & foundations with proven productivity hacks to implement

  • Deeply understand your customer and the problems you're solving for them with the Customer & Hooks Matrix

  • Take the critical steps needed to optimise your online store and social presence

  • Learn how to master organic short form content with a playbook on TikTok

  • Steal our (re)Launch Framework to launch your business, new products or simply create buzz online

  • Get the beginners guide to amplifying your message through TikTok & META ads

Course curriculum

    1. Overview + Why I created this course for you

    2. An introduction to Doone, your Host & Hype Girl

    3. The Facebook Group

    4. 2 Tools for Success

    5. The Goal = Flywheel Effect

    1. Intro & Overview

    2. Laying the Foundation

    3. Productivity

    4. Goal Setting

    5. SMART Goals

    6. Your Goal Pyramid

    7. The Dream Week Template

    8. Eisenhower Box Method

    1. Customer & Hooks Matrix

    1. Online Optimisation Checklist

    1. TikTok Theory & How to Win

    2. TikTok Algorithm Explained

    3. How to Create Winning Content

    4. The Viral Formula

    5. Practical Exercise

    6. Software & Tools

    1. Welcome

    2. Overview & How it Works

    3. Outreach & Ask to your Community

    4. Overview & Ask to your Dream List

    5. You're Ready to (re)Launch


  • $297.00
  • Generate Organic Sales Online
  • Reduce Overwhelm
  • Find your First 1000 True Fans

Start generating sales today and find your first 1000 True Fans

A proven playbook for overwhelmed early stage ecommerce founders wanting to generate organic sales, find their target customers online and create a solid foundation for success. This course is arriving early December.